Wednesday, 11 March 2009

First Bottle!

I am so proud! Squishy just took her first bottle from her father! She only put up minimal resistance. I didn't pump much so she was still hungry and needed some boob.

Another Day

Squishy is in her swing asleep and Husband is sleeping in because he has the day off work. I'm watching crappy daytime TV waiting for something to happen. I suppose I could get up and so more laundry, or clean the cat's litter box but I want to be lazy right now. Maybe I'll get another cup of coffee.

Squishy sleeps like her father. They both make the same noises and they both dream. I think her dreams are vivid since she is very active and vocal when she dreams. She has been sleeping very well. Last night she slept from 11 to 4:30 and was back to sleep well before 5. The night before she didn't wake at all from 11pm to 6am.

The cats are still mad at me. Rook keeps trying to get me to pay attention to him, but he does that by getting on Squishy's laundry or trying to jump in my lap when I'm breastfeeding. Luna just ignores me.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Back in NS

We are back in Nova Scotia after a lovely visit to New Brunswick. We got to introduce Squishy to Husband's family. Gramma and Grampy are wonderful with Squishy. Auntie Lizard and Aunt Fuffer got some quality time with Squishy.

I have known my MIL long enough to know that she has a very strong personality. This was the first time I have ever felt at-odds with her. She is the best mother-in-law I could imagine but I was not prepared for her assuming most of the responsibility for Squishy. I enjoyed knowing that someone else would look after her if I needed help, but MIL took that role quite seriously, once going so far as to take Squishy out of my arms. That was a strange experience. I know that the only reason she did that was because the sound of a crying baby has the same effect on her as fingernails on a chalkboard but it still made me question two things I have not yet considered;

1) Am I doing everything I can to comfort my child?
2) Does my MIL think I am a bad mother?

I think that these questions will continue to plague me for the rest of my life.