Thursday, 21 February 2008

PedgeHog, you rock!

The PedgeHog has a piece about dealing with moral codes that conflict with her own that was inspired by the protesters at the clinic at Home. As much as I would get a kick out of anti-choicers with a big red "ASSHOLE" on their foreheads I think she does a great job dealing with her feelings respectfully for the most part. She in never mean for the sake of being mean and I can tell that she has respect for the fact that these people feel as strongly as they do.

The strength of their beliefs does not stop them from being wrong. There are absolute truths out there, and one of them is that it is always wrong to interfere with what an adult voluntarily does to his or her own body. I would like to point out that PedgeHog is validly pissed off that these people are trying to interfere with the bodies of women. They need to understand that they cannot control other bodies, and that they are wrong to try. Their god gave us free will and reign over our bodies, who are they to interfere with god's work?

It's almost impossible to respect the beliefs of other people when the very center of your being screams "THAT'S JUST FUCKING WRONG!" but we have to, at least on the surface. The most we can really do is respect feelings. We can respect that people feel strongly about something, but we do not have to respect the thing they feel strongly about. I think that The PedgeHog is doing very well working through such problems. She is out there, doing what she knows is right. She is expressing her disgust with the protesters by showing up every week, and not stooping to their level.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Karissa Boudreau

I haven't written about this yet, but I can't go a day without hearing something about it. Krissa Boudreau was buried today. Anyone outside on the Maritimes might not have heard a lot about the murder, but I'm not going to recap the details.

Everyone has their theories, but the police have made it very clear that this was an isolated incident.

This story has made me realize how much of a small town Nova Scotia is. The gossip and the hearsay are present here, even though I'm 175 kms away from the town. It seems like every incident of violence outside of Halifax has some effect on most communities in NS. We all have family or friends who live in other small communities in the province so people in this town are affected by what happens elsewhere.

I find it strange. I never thought of Home as a big city but now that I'm living in a small town I realize how isolated you are when you live in a city of any size. I was never connected to anything outside my little bubble. Towns seem to have some strange solidarity that is absent in cities. It could be a Nova Scotia thing. I've never lived in another province so my ability to compare is limited.

I've heard that if you ever want to get lost, move to the biggest city you can. This makes me think that you don't need a big city to lose yourself in, any size will do. I feel that there's more of a connection between my town and Bridgewater than there was between the different neighbourhoods at Home.

It's a strange feeling. I liked my bubble at home, and now I'm living somewhere where my neighbour might know my second cousins that I've never met, since most of my family came from NS. I could be related to my landlord for all I know.


Friday, 15 February 2008

Winter blahs

I have no energy lately. I'm tired, I'm lathargic and I'm lazy. What is wrong with me? Stupid fucking winter, makes me not want to do stuff.

Though that's not entirely true. I've been crocheting and trying to knit a little. A friend has demanded a pair socks next time I visit. I'm making a blanket for another friendwho's getting married this summer. I'm just making giant granny-squares that I'll stitch together. I'm also working on a sweater and another hat.

My Kitty is interfering with my typing.

I'm thinking that I should go to Fredericton again next weekend for another visit, by I'm not sure.

I'v got nothing interesting to say.