Saturday, 28 August 2010

Flexing my writing muscles

One daughter is asleep in my lap. The other found her bananas from breakfast and is chowing down watching cartoons. I want to go out and do something today. Husband has the car so we will be hanging around the house.

They are growing so quickly. Monkey is so tall and she is very independent. She wants to do everything by herself. She loves to dance. I have a hard time remembering what she was like when she was Baby J's age.

Baby J is growing too. She's huge and strong. She is getting better at holding her head up. She keeps trying to roll over already.

It's amazing how different they look. Baby J has a pointy chin and a different nose. Her hair is lighter and she is longer and leaner than Monkey.

I have to get started on some Christmas presents and a wedding present. I'm making Monkey a tea set with yarn food. I've got the tea pot and a cake made. It's cute. I am going to make a couple of blankets and a vest or sweater. I think I'm being over ambitious. We'll see.

Friday, 20 August 2010


Both the babies are asleep and Husband is at work. I'm bored and lonely. I've been watching far too much CNN today. I forgot how much American news sucks. I have heard about the recent poll about Obama's faith non-stop since I turned on CNN.

I find the focus on faith that seems to obsess Americans kind of disturbing. In Canada our PM is reportedly a man of faith but we never hear about it. I don't know what any politician's believe and I'm ok with that. I think Canadians are much more private and modest than Americans about everything, including our personal faith and moral compass.

Faith should be private. Your relationship with faith should not concern anyone other than your family so long as your faith doesn't require breaking any laws. Many Americans would probably lead more peaceful and quiet lives if they were as concerned with their own spiritual health as they are about their president's.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Sleeping Babies All Around

The babies are both asleep. Normally I would be too but I have been trying to get caught up on chores and things that have suffered while I've been in baby-mode. The Dishwasher has been unloaded but not re-loaded, adult laundry has been washed and most of it has been folded but not put away. Kitchen and living room floors have been swept but not mopped. All in all a pretty good day.

I am suffering from a bit of cabin fever. I didn't leave the house yesterday. DH works until late tonight so I am on my own with the girls until after bedtime. We will probably go for a walk to the mailbox and a run around the yard when Monkey wakes up from her nap.

Baby J is doing great. She is getting bigger and stronger every day. She sleeps very well in her own bed most of the time but around 4 or 5am she needs to have a warm body nearby.

Nana is coming for a few days because DH is going to Ont. for business stuff. I don't think I could handle the trips to the airport with the little ones in tow to pick him up for his return flight. He gets in well after Monkey's bed time so she would not be a fun traveling companion.