Saturday, 28 August 2010

Flexing my writing muscles

One daughter is asleep in my lap. The other found her bananas from breakfast and is chowing down watching cartoons. I want to go out and do something today. Husband has the car so we will be hanging around the house.

They are growing so quickly. Monkey is so tall and she is very independent. She wants to do everything by herself. She loves to dance. I have a hard time remembering what she was like when she was Baby J's age.

Baby J is growing too. She's huge and strong. She is getting better at holding her head up. She keeps trying to roll over already.

It's amazing how different they look. Baby J has a pointy chin and a different nose. Her hair is lighter and she is longer and leaner than Monkey.

I have to get started on some Christmas presents and a wedding present. I'm making Monkey a tea set with yarn food. I've got the tea pot and a cake made. It's cute. I am going to make a couple of blankets and a vest or sweater. I think I'm being over ambitious. We'll see.

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