Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Feeling Better

I am finally starting to kick this cold. I still can't taste or smell anything but I slept fairly well last night and my sore throat is lessening. There's still a lot of pain in my sinuses but hopefully that will clear up soon.

We tried looking at another place last night. By tried I mean we drove in to the driveway to turn around to leave. It was a mobile home out in Beaver Brook. We have seen some beautiful mobile homes. This was not one. I did not want my children anywhere near that house. As Husband put it "This is where you go when you get divorced and don't get anything." So he joked about recommending it to a friend who is getting divorced. It was dingy, appeared to be falling apart and it was on a dirt road.

I will keep up the hunt. I got a few more emails back. If you have any tips for finding a rental property in Colchester Co. NS please let me know!

Friday, 23 April 2010


I have been struck down by the cold to end all colds. The worst part is I got it from my daughter who has been acting like a trooper. If this was how she felt she is my freaking hero for not being a pain in the ass.

It constantly amazes me how little things like this faze her. She is almost always a happy, bouncy, wonderful little girl who brightens up everyone's day even when I know she must feel like hell.

We are looking for another place to live. We've seen one place that was almost perfect but a little small. I really liked it but Greg was not convinced, so we will keep looking. The housing market in Truro is weird. There seem to be lots of availabilities but landlords are very slow to get back to me.

We will continue the search. Oh, and #2 is a girl too. Husband is stuck in a house full of women.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

And so it goes...

Husband needs a change. I want to support him but he needs answers I can't give him. I think he would like me to tell him what to do but I can't.

He's tied down by the idea that he has to keep doing what he's doing in order to provide for our family. It's all very noble and a grand gesture but ultimately if he's miserable he's no good to me as a provider. We need more than a steady income to make this family work. I would rather be living in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment trying to budget my groceries than living in a mansion with unlimited access to a personal chef if it means the difference between him coming home happy every night or him coming home unable to play with his children or spend time with me.

I'll just keep supporting him and I will try my best to keep everything together while he figures out what he wants to do. I keep telling him we can make just about anything work. He takes his role as a provider very seriously but I need him as a partner and a father more than as a provider.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Housing Co-Op

We have applied for a place with a local housing co-op. It looks like an interesting idea and I've been thinking about it for some time. I checked their website the other day and found that they have an upcoming 3 bedroom vacancy. I've got my fingers crossed but they do a credit check and that might work against us. We'll see.

I'm off work today because the sitter is closed for the holiday but the office is open. I had to take a vacation day. I might go in to the office later to check on a couple of things. Monkey and I have to pick up some groceries any way.

We're working on building my hat stash. I have a few that need to be blocked. I'm getting better every time I complete one. I can get a basic hat made in about an hour if I'm not interrupted. I should get some pictures up.

Number 2 is doing well. I am around 25 weeks, give or take a few days. I have heartburn almost non-stop, my nose is constantly running and my back is very tender. In other words I'm still pregnant. We are hoping to book an appointment for gender-determination and 3D pictures soon. Nana and Grandpa have agreed to give the session to us as a gift because I'm too cheap to spend that much money on something that is not a necessity.

I'm a little conflicted about the gender determination. I want to know for practical reasons involving the massive amounts of clothes that Monkey has. We are holding on to things so that if we have another girl we don't have to buy much. It takes up a lot of space and since we will probably be moving to a smaller place soon we might need to reduce our storage needs.