Saturday, 10 April 2010

And so it goes...

Husband needs a change. I want to support him but he needs answers I can't give him. I think he would like me to tell him what to do but I can't.

He's tied down by the idea that he has to keep doing what he's doing in order to provide for our family. It's all very noble and a grand gesture but ultimately if he's miserable he's no good to me as a provider. We need more than a steady income to make this family work. I would rather be living in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment trying to budget my groceries than living in a mansion with unlimited access to a personal chef if it means the difference between him coming home happy every night or him coming home unable to play with his children or spend time with me.

I'll just keep supporting him and I will try my best to keep everything together while he figures out what he wants to do. I keep telling him we can make just about anything work. He takes his role as a provider very seriously but I need him as a partner and a father more than as a provider.

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