Sunday, 23 January 2011


Baby J is 6 months old today and Monkey is just over a week away from 2. I turn 27 (gasp) this weekend. Time needs to slow down. I cannot believe how quickly time passes as I get older. I swear J was only born a few weeks ago. They grow too quickly, but not quickly enough. I really wish Monkey would figure the potty thing out. My hands can't take anymore diapers.

SIL is officially on bedrest. I have offered to come look after her but BIL is due home Tuesday and she has her parents with her until then. I'm starting to wonder if she even needs me to come at all. I have a feeling she'll be in the hospital full time before my shift at her house.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Airing Complaints

Not having a good week. Kids aren't sleeping. Monkey has decided to be 2 a few weeks early. Baby J has started eating solid foods so she's adjusting to that change. Monkey has a nasty diaper rash. She screams every time I try to change her. I have to pin her down with my legs to change her. We've been potty training but no luck yet.
Daddy is working crazy hours. I have minimal help but at least I'm not totally alone. My biggest worry/complaint is that I have agreed to help out my SIL for 3 weeks in February. She's pregnant with triplets and is essentially on bed rest. Her husband is a marine engineer and is away for most of Feb. My in-laws, her parents, are helping her out now but they are going to Florida at the end of January for a month so they won't be able to look after SIL and her 11 y/old daughter.
I'm petrified that something will happen while I'm there. Daddy will be with us for part of the trip but for most of it it's just me. SIL has her in-laws nearby but word has it that she is not getting along with her MIL right now. Vi (my 11 y/o niece) is mostly able to look after herself by since SIL needs looking after too I will be there to help. Nana will be looking after Monkey for part of the visit but since J still hates bottles she will stay with me. In addition to worrying the SIL will go into labor I'm worried about how well we will get along. Being pregnant is hard on every body, but being pregnant with triplets and on bed rest would be extremely trying. I can only imagine how hard this is going to be on her and I am going to be there for part of it. I hope I can keep my patience with her and my girls.
Add to my problems an extremely messy house with piles of dishes and laundry and you have one stressed out Mommy Murple.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A British Motoring Show

I have a confession to make. It's a confession millions of people around the world could make. I am in love with TopGear. Not only that, I have passed this love on to my parents and my children.

I love TopGear because the blokes who host it manage to seem like the kind of guys with whom I would have a beer. They bullshit and entertain while seemingly showing us (gasp) useful information about cars. They make the kind of car show I would make if I had their budget. And writers. And time.

I love the fast shiny cars but not as much as I love the dynamic relationship between Jezza, Hamster and Capt. Slow. This show makes me and my husband want to go on "TopGear" adventures around our province. It makes me want to drive fast around tight curves and narrow highways.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Post-Christmas Recovery

We spent 2 weeks of the holiday away from home. My girls are a little off their schedules and taking a few days to recover. I was with my parents for a week and my in-laws for a week. I went a little crazy. I love both families but I missed my house and my stuff. It's unnerving being in someone else's space for so long.
Now that we're home I'm trying to organize all of the new toys and gadgets. We have so much stuff. I look and worry that it won't get played with bit my worries are mostly unfounded. At least I'm playing with my new toys.