Friday, 14 March 2008

An Ode to SPAM

Dear Friend,
We groped in the club
The larger your manhood.
will show February.declared himself King of Jerusalem.
how serious you are.
In a few weeks you'll start noticing
and when she felt the size of my manhood
University Degree it made her unbelievably horny
add inches today
I got your contact address after my extensive search via your country white
consumers," said John Conyers, the sub-committeefinancially
Get University Degree within weeks without stress, exams, and long years of studying.
the more women want you
Become a champion in the Olympic games of love!
Confidentiality Assured
which is the only hope of survival . When i got your address, I prayed and
admiring glances shot at your groin
Initiate positive transformations in your close relationships!
Consider our method as your fastest and safest way to huge dimension!
Get yourself a tool that will be to her liking!
In walked the billionaire and his associate.
no one around him ever remembered Soros talking about how important123
A Cheap Price for Freedom
content is now delivered mainly in the form
pages for a God-fearing and trust-worthy person to bestow this transaction
The dimension of your love luger calls for substantial enlargement! Take care!
Maximize the dimension of your love wand with our specially designed formula!
Just imagine how your gf will be happy to see this large love gun!
Article 26 of the African Customs Union (SACU), hemagazine on 15th
Due to new improved enhancement solution, your gained centimeters will stay for a lifetime!
She also proposed conditions to protectprogramming
you should be the rightful person to help me .
Steven Theede.

The above is completely copied from the text of spam emails I had in my inbox this morning. I reorganized the phrases to compose this lovely little poem. I didn't include the German Spam. I hate spam.

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