Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Ok, time for a real post

Happy Canada Day! Our lovely country is 141 today. I am celebrating by sleeping in, doing laundry and maybe going to the beach or the park. I think we'll be able to see the fireworks from our window, but I know Doodles and C will have a great view. The fireworks are right across the street from their house.

The new job is going well but I'm still not sure sales is for me. I like dealing with people, I like getting out and getting to know my town but I don't like selling things. I've started noticing that now that I have to pay attention to the paper that local journalism leaves something to be desired. Most of the stories that come from our newsroom are not hard-hitting investigations. They are mostly soft, local interest stories about neighbors helping people around the world, or minor grievances. I keep me criticism to myself but it's there. Most of the national news and the international news is written by the wire services. I know that's how it's done in most of the smaller towns, even some cities use wire services.

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