Thursday, 30 October 2008

Care Package from Africa

On Tuesday I arrived home from work to find one of those giant, puffy envelopes on my kitchen table. Husband hadn't mentioned that I had a package waiting for me so I was extremely curious.

The return address made me even more excited. It was from my crazy, amazing, wonderful, crazy, awesome friend who is currently living, and working in Africa! The return address was her Canadian address so I figure that her parents, who recently visited her in Africa, had brought back some goodies with instructions to mail them.

YAY!!!! Here are my presents!

I got a dress-thing (one of those dresses African women wear, very simple and comfortable), a bib for Squishy, a pillow cover and some soap!

The best part is that these things were purchased from a group that helps women find strength and independence through training them to make and sell textiles.

Now I have to think of something to send back to her...

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