Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Countdown Is On

I'm done work in less than 2 weeks and the baby's due in 4. AHHHH! I'm not ready.

Monkey has started sleeping in her new bedroom. She's made it through one and a half nights in there. We have to get some kind of curtain to separate her bedroom from the play space we set up.

I'm going to the Ob/Gyn weekly now, which is always awesome. I love the consistent over-long wait times.

I still have to pack my hospital bag but I'm procrastinating. Since Monkey was so very late I don't want to jinx myself this time and prepare too early. The Ob/Gyn said that history usually repeats itself so I'm trying not to get my hopes up even though baby J has dropped already.

Daddy plans on taking at least 2 weeks off of work for the birth etc... but it might be longer depending on when everything happens.

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