Monday, 7 February 2011

Babies, again

MIL has sent her sister to look after SIL. Auntie will be there until the babies are born so my services are not needed. MIL was just going to cancel her trip to Fla. but Auntie volunteered to take the role as caretaker. I'm more than a little relieved. I was very nervous about looking after a very pregnant, very stubborn woman who I had to keep in her bed 23 hours of the day. I also would have had to look after her 11y/o and my monkeys.

MIL didn't call in Auntie because she was worried about me looking after SIL. She was concerned about BIL. He was (is?) quite useless, disappearing for the day to do his own thing, hiding in the basement and generally being a man an not understanding pregnancy and bed rest.

I am hoping to visit before the boys are born. I think SIL would like some time with my girls before she is too busy with her own.

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