Monday, 28 March 2011

Where is Universal Childcare?

We were supposed to have universal childcare by now. My mother's generation started the fight but somewhere along the road it got lost amongst the many other battles we had to fight. The only province in Canada that has childcare available on such a huge scale is Quebec and I don't see us moving there any time soon. I shouldn't have to struggle with deciding to go back to work or not based solely on how much I would have to pay for child care.
My kids deserve quality care. I deserve to be able to work without worrying how I am going to afford their care. My husband deserves to have a happy wife and well cared for children.
With the federal election coming I have started to think about becoming active and volunteering for a party. I was also thinking about what I can do to bring universal child care to life between elections. I want my daughters to be able to make these decisions without worrying about how everything will be paid for.
I wonder if we could set up work based daycare. I wonder if there are enough Moms annd Dads at the office to make that work. I wonder how receptive the bosses would be. Hmmm.

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