Tuesday, 28 June 2011

So Far, So Good

So I've been back at work for two days and things are going great. The girls are adjusting to the sitter's as well as I expected and Husband seems to be coping well with only having one vehicle.

In a meeting today the bosses confirmed what I already knew, that I will be "running" our video project. We are keeping my mat leave replacement on, hopefully full time so this means that I am his boss. This is exciting but I've kind of got my fingers crossed that it will eventually mean a raise. I don't expect anything right away since I have to prove that they made the right decision to keep both of us on full time.

One of the women I originally started with is now running the whole marketing team, another is second in command at the call center. It's weird seeing the people I started with at entry level moving up. It makes me really happy and I am excited for all of us but it makes me feel old.

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