Friday, 7 December 2007

Movies, life, feminism, and more Crafts

One of my friends is feeling very anti-consumerism this year, so I'm making her a gift out of "garbage". I forget where I first saw the idea, but I remember seeing a site that told you how to make "yarn" out of plastic grocery bags. I'm crocheting her a bag out of bags. I'm also trying to finish a scarf that's not working so well, and a lot of dish cloths which are working.

Went to see Beowulf this week, in IMAX 3D. I would like to state my undying love for anything Neil Gaimen touches. I love that man, and want to steal his brain. I'm giving my Dad one of his books for his birthday, which I have to mail out very soon.

I'm a little pissed of at myself. Yesterday was the aniversary of the Montrel Massacre, and the National Day of Rememberence and Action for Violence Against Women. I did nothing. This was the first time in 4 years I wasn't part of or at least at a service or discussion. I need to reconnect with my inner feminist. I need to do something, but living in a new town and not knowing anyone or any organizations is hard. I'm not good at meeting people or getting out into the community.

Anyone know any feminist organizations in North-Central Nova Scotia?

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