Saturday, 21 February 2009

3 Weeks

Squishy is now 3 weeks old. She is getting so big! She is learning to hold her head up for longer and she recognizes voices. When we talk to Mom she looks towards the speaker when Mom is talking. I miss Mom, and I'm sort of wishing we were closer to our parents.

She has had a few sleepless nights and we've had a few scares. She fell last night and I have never been so scared in my life. I was completely petrified and inconsolable for about an hour. Husband was just as scared, but he kept his cool as usual. He is really shining at the fatherhood thing. He is amazing. He does the groceries, he wakes up to change her and comfort her at night and he snuggles her every chance he gets.

We are going for dinner tonight. Hopefully Squishy will stay asleep while we are out. It's an experiment. We might try to go to the city tomorrow to shop and as a test run for the trip to NB.

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