Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I am now, at least temporarily, a SAHM

I am no longer "unemployed"! I am now a Stay At Home Mom. Squishy was born Jan. 30th at 5:03pm. She was 8lbs, 6oz and more work than I care to admit. I spent almost a week in the hospital waiting for her arrival. Nana is coming tomorrow to stay with us for a while since Husband goes back to work to do inventory.

The first week has been an experience. I have gone through so many emotions, all of them earth-shattering and entirely new. I am learning how to arrange everything around this new little person. Husband and I have been getting out and continuing to do stuff like going to the mall but we are both still in awe and a little shell-shocked. She has changed everything, but I'm surprised by how much still feels the same.

Sleep isn't as big of an issue as I had worried. We are getting about as much sleep as before, it's just at diffferent times. I'm a little worried about what life will be like with Husband back at work. We will see what happens.

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