Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Still Not in Labor

So I'm still pregnant. Mom and Dad are coming tonight, not to wait for the baby but to pick my aunt from Ont. up at the airport and go to the internment of my grandfather's ashes. I can't go due to the closeness to my due date but most of the family will be passing through this part of NS on their way so I will try to visit.

Husband is diligently working away at dishes and laundry and various other chores. He cleaned out the cars this morning before it got too hot. It's the hottest day so far this year so I'm trying not to be too warm. Monkey's having a naked nap. She started screaming at me for no reason during lunch so I put her to bed when we were done. I think she's got another molar coming in. She was up a couple of times last night and she was not happy about it.

Little Brother is supposed to be job hunting this week. Hopefully he is because if he doesn't find a job soon Mom is kicking him out to come live here. He will be my nanny until he finds a job here.

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