Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Post-Vidcon Online Video News

So I couldn't con(vince) my bosses into sending me to VidCon this year but that did not prevent me from obsessively following the news and entertainment stories that came out of the annual conference/convention.

Maker Studios has hit the 1 billion views per month mark, signed Snoop Dogg, and wrangled a former Disney Exec.

YouTube has introduced "Marketplace" to connect content creators and brands looking for an online presence. This really excites me since I work for a brand that has an online video presence. This opens up the possibility for us to work with some more-popular, more mainstream content creators without having to do a long term campaign. We would be able to connect with YouTubers with an audience similar to the one we already reach in order to give us a broader spectrum of influence.

The take-away from VidCon is that online video is growing faster than we can imagine. More money than I can comprehend is being poured into this growing industry and I am excited to play even just my small role in it.

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