Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Re-shoots and Backups

Working on editing the video for the past few days:P I had a minor disagreement with our Community Manager/Marketing Director (I have no idea what her official title is. Hell, I'm still a little confused as to my own title...) who seems to have misunderstood what my storyboard was. It seems that she took the storyboard as a loose outline of what I was planning to shoot instead of a shot-by-shot representation of what I had planned. This resulted in me missing some scenes that she felt were vital to the flow of the piece.

Long story short, I had to re-shoot some scenes and turn pieces that I had intended to be voice-over only into actual clips for the video. I sent her a revision in the hopes that she would be able to let me know if the changes I made are satisfactory or if I need to book our child star in for another re-shoot in August.

To pass the time I have been working on tightening up the audio in the voice overs and ensuring that all the levels are the same. Our biggest obstacle as a whole is good audio. I have been trying really hard to focus on improving our sound but without any formal training in sound I'm running into some difficulties.

Other than that I have registered for a data management workshop in the city in August. I am hoping that I will learn how to best streamline data storage in post so that I am less likely to lose anything important. So far it looks like we've only lost a small bit of unnecessary footage from last year's staff BBQ but that is more lost that I want. I've got to re-think how we store data and conduct our backups.

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