Friday, 12 September 2008

Yay! Canadian Politics!!!

I am trying to get up to date on NS federal politics. I have been paying attention to the news stories and checking out some of the various riding associations' websites.

This story caught my eye today. I find it interesting not for the news, since it was obvious that the Conservative Party would have to replace Luke after her criminal convictions came to light, but for the tone, the phrasing and the way the reporter has written the manner of speech of the Prime Minster. Go on, take a look and see if you can spot it.

No? It's this paragraph in particular that caught my eye: "I think the real issue, you wanna talk about quality of candidates — Mr. [Stephane] Dion should address the tone of his campaign and should address the quality not just of his candidate but even of his members of Parliament here."

Although it is becoming more common for writers to write more "casually" I think that the above paragraph demonstrates more of the reporters political views than preference for a casual style. Aren't reporters supposed to objectively recount the facts and let the readers come to their own conclusions?

Is this slip indicative of an overall lack of respect for Prime Minister Harper, or is it just one writer?

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