Monday, 6 April 2009

Trip to the Park

Yesterday was Squishy's first trip to Victoria Park. We had an exciting time since the trails were still covered in ice and Daddy was carrying her in her Snuggly-thing. She slept the entire time we were walking. Daddy took some pictures with his new camera, but I don't think he's put them on his computer and I don't know how to use his new camera.

Everything was beautiful but a little scary. The water in the stream was roaring from all of the rain we've had recently. The ice that covered most of the trails was a little treacherous and we almost fell several times.

We will be frequenting the park more as the weather warms up. I can't wait until Squishy is big enough to play in the playground, and dip in the water. I think Daddy will be taking lots of pictures with his new water-proof camera.

In an unrelated note, Daddy recently commented that he doesn't have many pictures of me holding Squishy. As I thought about it, I realized why. As soon as there is someone else around to look after her, I usually hand Squishy over to them. Daddy usually wants to take pictures when something special is going on, meaning there is usually someone around to hold Squishy while I get stuff done. I spend most of my day holding her, playing with her and feeding her but there are no pictures of this because I spend a good chunk of my day alone with her.

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