Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I Can Haz Jorb?

I had my first post-baby job interview on Friday. I walked into the interview under the impression that I would not want the job, but now I think I would love it. It sounded challenging, exciting and fun. The only problem is that Husband is now fairly sure that he wants to stay in NS. So I'm continuing the hunt.

The interview was a strange experience. It's the first time I have been asked about my family in an interview. I was able to talk about what Husband does, how my daughter is growing and our plans for the future. I felt old. I'm not sure what my chances of landing a second interview with the company are. I felt good about how the initial interview went but I lack executive assistant experience. I was one of 12 picked for interviews out of 200 applicants. That alone feels like an accomplishment.

I am going to continue hunting both in NS and in NB and see what happens. I know I will find something but I am taking my time and being picky this time.

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