Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Home Again

We are back in NS after an extended vacation in NB. We are slowly recuperating. We had a great time. First we visited SIL in Maine so that she could spend some quality time with her "Fairy God-Child" and then we left Squishy in the care of her Nana while Mommy and Daddy took some time to themselves at The Camp.

I was petrified of spending my first night without my baby. I wasn't worried about her, since my mother did a fantastic job raising me, I was worried about me. I missed her so much! I didn't want to turn in to an emotional wreck worried about every little thing. I was worried that she wouldn't take the formula, or that she would forget how to breastfeed. I wanted her first night without Mommy to go smoothly so that Nana wouldn't be scarred for life and might agree to do that again. I worried needlessly. Squishy was on her best behavior and slept. I managed not to make Daddy drive to F'ton in the middle of the night to check that Squishy was sleeping.

Doodles and C joined us for the weekend. It rained. We did not go swimming even though Squishy had her first dip in The Lake just days before. We did go to the aquarium and we went to town to visit the shops.

When we went to pick Squishy up from Nana's I was surprised by how much she had grown in only a few days. She looked so much bigger and older. She's not quite my little baby any more. She didn't forget how to breastfeed, and she maintained a healthy appetite while she was with Nana. I don't think I'll ever have to worry about her not eating. She is her father's daughter and Grampy's granddaughter.

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