Sunday, 24 August 2008

Home for a visit

I am presently in Fredericton. I came to visit my folks, go to a good friend's wedding and visit anyone who had the time to spare.

As soon as I got in town my car was spotted by a friend, so I had coffee with him and met his new grilfriend on Friday night. I was out till about midnight. Surprisingly, I really liked her. She was sweet, seemed quite intelligent and very friendly. I can understand what he sees in her and it makes me happy to see him with someone who does not seem like a raving lunatic like the last few girls he introduced me to.

Yesterday I got my start bright and early because I didn't actually know what the schedule was for the wedding. I called the bride's brother to get the details and still got a little lost, but luckily the only thing I missed was helping decorate for the reception. The bride's brother, one of my closest friends, tracked us down (Us= me and my "date" another old friend) and we went to Timmy's for a snack. We made it to the church on time. The ceremony was short and sweet, just like it should be and the reception was a blast. I managed to stay to about 11 which was later than I had thought I would be able to make it. I tried to dance, but the music was a litle too loud and I was a little too tired.

They are having a breakfast/brunch thing this morning, but I don't think I will be going. I figure that's a family thing and I'm not really that interested in getting dressed right now.

My gift was a blanket that I hade been making for months. As soon as I found out that they were engaged I started planning this gift. I tried to make it as close to their wedding colour as I could imagine and I think I did ok. The colours I used were a little greener than the wedding colour, but it's close. I forgot to take a picture of the finnished product but I do have pictures of the squares somewhere.

I'm heading back to Truro some time today, but I'm in no huge rush. I might wander around town a bit first.

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