Thursday, 14 August 2008

Nova Scotia Department of Community Services is failing our most vulnerable citizens

Recently a group home for people with disabilities in Aylesford NS has shut its doors due to lack of funding. Fourteen residents must be relocated by the end of this week. Many of these residents have been living in that house for a long time. That was more than a "Group Home" it was HOME. Any changes can cause people with disabilities stress. They can take a long time to adjust to new situations and consistency is key to a smooth and happy life.

The main reason for the closure is money, as it usually is in such cases. According to another story at CBC "They say the government has not increased operational payments in 15 years and reduces per diem payments if clients leave."

FIFTEEN YEARS since the Department of Community Services has increased operational costs. The cost of living in that time has gone up almost 50%. The Department of Community Services is due to increase funding in the fall, but that will be far to late to help these 14 people.

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