Monday, 20 August 2012

Husbands (not mine, the series)

Just watched the entire first season of "Husbands" after coming across the second season premiere. I'm in love. I'm not usually a huge fan of sitcoms but husbands has a unique combination of new (gay marriage) and old (how newlyweds navigate marriage). It's written by a BtVS writer and true to pedigree, it's witty, sharp and totally lovable. Joss Whedon guest-stars and has some awesome dialogue ("Voice like a tulip, eyelashes I can fucking hear through the phone").

The big change for season 2 is the length. Season 1 was 11 2 minute-long episodes but as online video has grown in popularity longer format videos have become more popular. I prefer the longer format for sitcoms. I have a tendency to watch all episodes in a marathon run when they are shorter format. Season 2 is 3 9 minute long episodes.

The best part about online is the freedom. They can do a series about a gay married ballplayer with explicit dialogue and not worry about censors. So far there has not been any explicit action and I don't expect there to be. This has a genuine sitcom feel and looks like it would be appropriate on an open-minded network.

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