Friday, 24 August 2012

My Life as a Producer

Being a producer is a lot like being an executive assistant, or an HR person. There is far more running around, cleaning up other people’s messes and organizing unruly employees than you’d think. I organize and manage my own time, my videographer’s time and my talent’s time. I liaise between marketing, public relations/the press, and the execs. I do the (sometimes literally) dirty work or at the very least ensure that the dirty work is done. I write, I edit, I plan, and I worry. If something goes wrong, it is my fault.

There is actually very little creative work done for instructional videos. I am trying to launch some new ideas however I have to wait for the marketing team to develop some strategies and adapt their own ideas. I create many things but the work is as much technical and organizational as it is creative. I’m mostly stuck expressing myself though crochet.

I frequently dream of producing something a little more me, an extension of my interests and life but I worry that there are already so many other vlogs and video content that I will get lost in the fray and never make an impact.

So I will stick to our repair videos, occasionally making some fun or informational content and I will continue to crochet. Check out this guy!

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